Ovidius, Metamorphoses

Everything changes, nothing fades.


Postuum is a gallery, a curator & a creator
All artists that fall under the Postuum label are carefully selected. Their common denominator is a love for aesthetics and mastering the art of storytelling. In this process of discovery and selection the medium is secondary to the philosophy, one that stands for beauty and integrity, with a fascination for technique and respect for nature.
The collection of work consists of existing artwork and work created in collaboration with or commisioned by Postuum.

Postuum wants to be a link between the raw and silent universe of arts and crafts, and the fast and fluctuous world of technology and design.
We are in constant dialogue with customers, artists and our environment to give slow art a place in a fast world. We are constantly looking for new talent to represent on the website or to collaborate with in creating new stories and objects.
Postuum is an online gallery that shows, makes and sells art.


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