Ovidius, Metamorphoses

Everything changes, nothing fades.


Postuum loves it when the old and the new come together.

We started a collaboration with twikit, a young start-up that wants to make 3D printing accesible for more people.
So on a glorious afternoon we sat together with Twikit and brought all we had to the table.
Twikit offered high end 3D technology and we thought about how to combine old traditions with that new technology.
We told them we wanted to re-invent the sealring or 'chevalier'. The history behind Heraldry and the way it was put to use, in sending handwritten letters, deliverd by horse, knights and castles, years and years of family history ... It appealed to our imagination very much.

The best part?

You will do the finishing touch, by filling in your initials and choosing what material you prefer.
All you have to do is click trough on the link here below and start testing the result of our wanderings in the history of the sealring.
You can experiment all you want until you find the perfect combination of material and content.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate and send us an email info@postuum.eu

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